Story and Inspiration:

Nature changed me. When I say nature, I mean pure nature. The wild. The back-country. Mother frikin' nature. Not just a few trees in the park. I didn't grow up around her. I was introduced through some mutual acquaintances and I'm forever grateful because she changed my freakin life. 

I'm serious though. It was almost as if she unlocked a part of my DNA that I didn't even know existed. She made me question my life path and purpose. She is the ultimate inspiration for this brand. The kind of brand that is more concerned with spreading Ideas than making profits.  

I don't give a damn if you buy a t-shirt or not. I care more about building a community of bad-ass people living life on their own terms and inspiring others to pursue a life they love in their own unique way. If you need a t-shirt I'd absolutely love for you to buy one. If you already have a pile of t-shirts you don't wear, then I'd rather you not. Or, you can donate all the shirts you don't wear and then buy one. Now, that would be radical!

We live in a world where materialism is king, working careers we hate is normal, you’re social status is determined by how much expensive stuff you have, and only a small percentage of people actually experience nature. Well that's some bullshit. It's time to inspire a counter-cultural movement. 

I envision a world where people opt to pursue their passions and create a life they love rather than the safe and predictable 9-5 job they can’t wait to be done with every Friday. Even if that means downsizing and embracing simplicity to achieve it.

I crave to see people get out of their cities often to explore and connect with nature in the wild. I crave it because I've experienced its power and believe it can change peoples lives.

Pioneers and adventurers have lived by similar mindsets for thousands of years and many live by it all around the world today. For me, this mindset has grown into the Gnarly Nomad Brand. A mindset that is manifested through my t-shirts and how I decide to live my life every day. One that is not afraid of living life in a unique way. It is unchained to any particular place, thing, or career. It rejects monotonous routine and embraces spontaneous freedom. It believes experience is the best education and that new adventures unlock creativity within us that we didn't even know existed.

The Gnarly Nomad mission is three-fold:
1. Build a community of like-minded people who are passionate about changing the culture.
2. Inspire people to explore, protect, and connect with nature.
3. Help people pursue their passions and create a life they love.

Together we can inspire a new generation of explorers, creators, and innovators to embrace simplicity and create their own path in life. If these things resonate with you, I hope you'll join me in building a brand that is changing the culture. Lets freakin go!

-Phil (Creator of GNB).

The Meaning Behind the Name:

Gnarly: Radical, Difficult, Dangerous, beyond extreme. 

When the masses go their way, you go your own. You're a pioneer of new thinking. An idealist of new doing. You're unafraid of being unique because different is where real experience lives.   

Nomad: Unbound to any particular place, connected to nature, content with simplicity. 

You're home is the road. Nature is your space. The wild energizes you. It makes you feel alive and brings balance and clarity. The things you have are the things you value. Anything less is unnecessary baggage.