Our Vision

Our main goal is not to sell you a t-shirt. Yep, you heard that right. We're a t-shirt company whose #1 priority is not to sell t-shirts. I know it sounds counter-intuitive, but hear us out. Our #1 goal is to inspire people to think differently. We want to spread ideas that have an impact on our culture.

One idea we want to spread is pursuing experiences over piling up material possessions that we don't need or add any value to our lives. So, if you need an extra shirt, then we'd absolutely love for you to buy one. But, if buying a shirt from us adds to a pile of t-shirts that you don't wear, then we'd rather you not buy one.

We live in a world where materialism is king, working careers we hate is normal, and you’re social status is determined by how much expensive stuff you have. Our society has pushed this madness for a long time. It’s ingrained in our minds from a young age. Well, it’s time to shift this mentality.

We envision a world where people opt to pursue their passions and create a life they love rather than the safe and predictable 9-5 job they can’t wait to be done with every Friday. Even if that means downsizing and embracing simplicity.

We’re craving to see people get out of their cities often to explore and connect with nature in the wild. We crave it because we’ve experienced its power in our own lives. It was that power that inspired us to create badass t-shirts, but not solely care if you buy one or not. And, we believe it will inspire many others in their own unique way.

Life's too damn short to spend it doing things you don't enjoy and piling up crap that never brings real value to your life. Join the freaking movement of people rejecting this madness and spread the word.