The Tale of Gnarly the Nomad:

Inspired by nature and a passion for adventure, Gnarly Nomad Brand was born from a culmination of enlightening experiences while road trippin' out West. One of them being an encounter with an eccentric nomad who went by the name, Gnarly. 

After donating his savings to charity, Gnarly the Nomad traded a comfortable, high paying job in the city for a life of adventure on the road in a renovated RV. Spending his days exploring the vast western landscapes and making ends meet by selling upcycled goods made from abandoned stuff he'd found or salvaged along his travels. 


It was in this spirit that the Gnarly Nomad Brand was founded. A brand created for the wanderer, the adventurous soul, the nomadic heart. People unafraid of living life in a unique way, unchained to any particular place, thing, or career; who feel at home on the road and in nature. People who reject monotonous routine and embrace spontaneous freedom; who believe experience is the best education and that new adventures unlock creativity within us that we didn't even know existed. 


1. CREATE UNIQUE PRODUCTS: We're reducing wastefulness in the clothing industry and creating high quality products without harming the environment or economies overseas by using unsold thrift store clothing in all our accessory products.

2. PEOPLE OVER PROFIT: We make mission a priority by donating a large portion of our revenue to causes we're passionate about. When you buy a product from GNB, you know exactly how much is being donated.

2. COMMUNITY: We're building a community of like-minded nomads who connect with our mission and vision and partnering with them to create content that reflects it.